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Core Surgery Application Overview

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Core Surgery Application Overview

The application for Core Surgical Training is a national process (applications to Northern Ireland are separate) and is coordinated by Health Education London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex (LaKSS) nationally co-ordinate the recruitment into Core Surgery Training at CT1

Core Surgery Application Key Dates

1st Nov-
5th Dec

Application Window

Applications open at the beginning of November and close in December. Applications are processed through the Oriel online application system and you can register with Oriel before the applications open.

The application focuses on the essential criteria for Core Surgery CT1 as outlined in the
Person Specification.

It is important to be aware of the specific wording of the eligibility requirements and make sure you have attained the required examinations and courses by the set deadlines.

Applications Close in early December with interview invitations sent out during December.

14th Jan-
25th Jan

Interview Week

Interviews are held at a national selection centre in London over a week-long period at the end of January.

2nd March

Offers Made

Offers will be made during the first week of March. Applicants will have 48 hours from when the offer was made, including weekends and bank holidays, to respond.  After the 48 hour period expires, any declined and expired offers will be released to the next eligible applicants

Core Surgery Application Information

All applications for Core Surgical Training are made via the online system Oriel. You will need to register and can make applications across multiple organisations or specialties.
Northern Ireland run a separate recruitment process and this is also be live on Oriel.

The application form has different sections that must be completed:
◊ Personal Details
◊ Eligibility
◊ Equality and Diversity

All applicants to Core Surgical Training , provided they meet the essential criteria of the person specification, are guaranteed an interview.

The essential criteria from the Person Specification include:
◊ Qualifications - MBBS or equivalent medical qualification
◊ Evidence of Foundation Competences
◊ Advance Life Support (ALS) course completed by time of appointment
◊ GMC Registration & licence to practise
◊ Fitness to practise
◊ Right to Work in the UK
◊ Language Skills
◊ Career Progression (and Experience) - less than 18 months surgical
◊ Health

Foundation Competencies

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the application is how you can demonstrate foundation competencies, especially if you have been out of training or working abroad.

Evidence of Foundation Competences can be demonstrated in 3 ways:

1. If you are currently undertaking a recognised Foundation programme in the UK which is due to finish in the year of the interviews, you will be asked to confirm the name of your Foundation School. You do not need to do anything else at this stage but will be required to show proof of satisfactory completion of F1 at the interview. If you are in a standalone FY2 post a letter from your Foundation School stating you are on track will be required.

2. If you have completed a UK foundation programme within the last 3 years, you will be asked to confirm that you have been awarded an FACD 5.2. You MUST attach a scanned copy of your FACD 5.2 to your application. You do not need to do anything else at this stage but you will be expected to provide proof of the original certificate at a later date.

3. If you have not undertaken a UK Foundation programme within the last 3 years, you will be able to submit alternative evidence by asking a consultant who has supervised you for at least 3 months prior to the interview year to attest to your achievement of Foundation competency. You MUST attach a scanned copy of your alternative certificate to your application. You will be expected to provide proof of the original certificate at the interview.

If the required evidence is not submitted by the close of applications, the application will be longlisted out with no further recourse to appeal. No late documentation will be considered.

Booking An Interview

Once longlisting is complete, an email and text message will be sent to all successfully longlisted applicants inviting them to interview. From this point all successful applicants will be able to book an interview slot online via Oriel on a first come first served basis before the specified deadline given.
Greyed out time slots indicate that the times have been picked by other interviewees and are no longer available. All other slots shown can be booked.

You can change your interview time online up until the closing time for interview slot bookings (shown when you book a slot). To change your time slot, log in to your Oriel account and cancel your current booking. You will then be able to book another time slot. Your interview slot includes 30 minutes for checking of eligibility documentation as well as interview time. Please note, other available slots cannot be guaranteed.

Be sure to log on and book quickly. We recommend using an email address to register on Oriel that you check frequently or has push notifications enabled on your phone.

Core Surgical Training Competition Ratios

Core surgical training is competitive. Typically competition ratios for core surgical training are around 2.5/3:1.

This means that for every 2-3 applicants, 1 was is appointed to a Core Surgical Training post. Around 80% of those that apply for core surgery each year are invited to interview and approximately 40% of those interviewed are successfully appointed.

There are between 500 and 600 Core Surgical Training (CST) posts available each year and this number can change considerably each year. Jobs are divided up according to deaneries. Below summarises the Core Surgical Training Competition Ratios over the last few years and the number of jobs advertised.


Core Surgical Training Deaneries and Jobs

Indicative post numbers for the next recruitment round can be found on the Oriel advert under the document tab. These numbers are subject to change.

The final post numbers will be released around the time of interview and you will be given a minimum of 5 days to select your preferences. When preferences are opened you will be able to download a spreadsheet detailing the post information. Should you have any questions about rotations of specific posts please direct these to the recruiting local HEE Office or Deanery in the first instance. The number of jobs advertised by deanery averaged over the last few years can be found below.

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