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Core Surgery Interview

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Want Your First Choice Core Surgical Training Job? We Have The Largest and Most Popular Courses and Question Bank for Core Surgery Interviews. Let Us Do The Hard Work For You.

Core Surgery Interview

Core Surgery Interview Questions and Courses

Core Surgery Interview provides you with our Core Surgery Interview Preparation Book, Core Surgery Mock Interview Course and our interactive, online Core Surgery Interview Question Bank that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere to practise over 350 unique core surgery interview questions and maximise your chances of selection.

Core Surgery Interview

Kickstart Your Core Surgery Interview Preparation

  • Core Surgery Interview Question Bank & Online Preparation

    Online Interview Preparation: Core Surgery Interview Question Bank and CV Analysis

    Core Surgery Interview Questions
    Core Surgery Interview offers a full online preparation area featuring our popular Question Bank, CV Analysis and Video Overviews of interview questions that you can use to prepare for your interview.

    Interactive Questions
    Dashboard navigation area
    Over 350 questions covering portfolio, clinical and management stations
    Advanced question tracker to help you revise
    Videos covering each station
    Questions are unique and accompanied by comprehensive evidence-based explanations
    Bespoke CV Analysis included
    Check out the Sample Questions now

  • Core Surgery Interview Course Saturday 15th December & Sunday 13th January 2019 OPEN
    Core Surgery Interview Course
    Saturday 15th December & Sunday 13th January 2019
    Date: Saturday 15th December & Sunday 13th January 2019
    Venue: Clifton Village, Bristol
    Mock cases
    Feedback from SpRs, current CTs and peers
    Unique scenarios covering common topics
    Mock interviews under pressure
    Small groups to maximise questions covered
    Pre-Course CV Analysis
    Personalised feedback to highlight areas for improvement
    Top tips from last year's successful candidates
    A brasserie lunch and refreshments together with free high-speed Wi-Fi and pens, pads and sweets will keep you going throughout the day.

    Lectures and small-groups to kickstart your preparation
    Portfolio, Management and Clinical stations covered in detail
    Evidence-based clinical management
    Common topics and themes covered
    Complete guide to improving interview skills
    Portfolio preparation and application in details
    Key papers, resources and syllabus for effective preparation
  • Core Surgery Interview Book
    Core Surgery Interview Preparation Book
    Available Now

    The ultimate interview book for preparing for core surgical interviews

    Practice scenarios
    Feedback from SpRs, current CTs and peers
    Unique scenarios covering common topics
    All common emergencies covered
    Comprehensive answers and insider tips

Check Out Our Online Prep, Book and Course Features

Core surgical training is one of the most popular medical specialties with over 1200 applicants applying for just over 600 jobs each year.

The competitive national selection process can be daunting and knowing where to start and organising focused practise can be difficult.

Our core surgery interview questions have been hand picked based on commonly tested themes at core surgical training interviews and feature comprehensive answers and tips to help you succeed at core surgical training interviews.

Understand The Core Surgery Interview Stations

  • Portfolio

  • Management

  • Clinical

+ Even More Features and Resources

What Our Users Thought

  • The question bank was worth every penny. It is much cheaper than most courses and covered everything that came up in the interviews. The work that went into it is amazing.
    Anne, Northern Deanery, UK
  • Thanks again for the excellent question bank. I ended up being ranked 3rd in Northern Ireland and getting my first choice job.
    Robbie, Northern Ireland, UK
  • This is definitely the best way to prepare for core surgery interviews. I’d used another question bank when I missed out on a job last year but the explanations and topics in your’s are spot on. Thanks again.
    Sam, Severn Deanery, UK
  • Your site is soooo good! All my friends and I found it was the best way to prepare for interviews and we all got our top choice jobs
    Harry, KSS Deanery, UK
  • I was really worried about not getting a job in Oxford but your website gave me loads of confidence and lots of the actual questions came up. My friends who used it got jobs too. Thanks again!
    Charlie, Oxford Deanery, UK
  • I wanted to thank your team for your service. I bought your CST book for this years applications and it was very useful. I personally preferred it to the KC interview guide, which unfortunately was more widely known amongst my peers. With the help of your book, I ranked 65th nationally out of nearly 1700 applicants and secured my top choice in London and I can't thank you enough.
    Partha, NWT Deanery, UK

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